A Match ignited by rubbing the match head against a match box.

We’re not talking about the friction at the dinner table when your sister opened up about your “misdemeanor at the mall” We’re talking science here..

Friction is defined as: The force resisting the relative motion of two contacting bodies. There are three kinds of Friction…

  • Dry or Solid Friction – aka Sliding Friction, occurs when surfaces in contact move relative to each other in the absence of a lubricant. Produces the most heat.
  • Rolling Friction– examples are rolling and ball bearings. Produces less heat and consumes less power than dry friction. Requires less force to overcome than sliding friction.
  • Fluid Friction -when fluid molecules slide past each other, its fluid friction. Produces the least amount of heat and consumes the least power. 

BONUS INFO! – A few undesirable effects of friction include:

  • Loss of power, high energy consumption.
  • Increased heat
  • Lubricants oxidize
  • Excessive wear