Your Duluth Trading gutchies and lubricants have similarities – both are designed to reduce friction and carry away heat.

  • Reduce friction and wear – Lubricants form a slippery film that prevents surfaces from welding together.
  • Carry away heat – Oil absorbs heat and can circulate through a cooler. In some systems, the heat passes from the oil, through the sides of the equipment or into the air.
  • Seal against contaminants – Greases are particularly effective at sealing against contamination from foreign liquids and solids.
  • Prevent rust and corrosion – The presence of a film of lubricant on bearings and gears protects them from rusting – by preventing their contact with air and moisture.
  • Remove contaminants – If there were no fluid to carry the contaminants away, these abrasive particles would damage gears and bearings.